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Think Before You Send: The Legal Risks of Emails and Text Messages from Personal Accounts

Posted in Access to information, Securities, Shareholder Meeting
If the Hillary Clinton email scandal wasn’t a clear enough lesson that one should not conduct “official” work using personal electronic communication tools (be it personal email, texts or other methods), a number of recent court decisions have required executives to produce communications from their personal accounts and devices. Executives and advisors should not assume… Continue Reading

“Sorry, nothing personal” – the personal grievance exemption in Koh v Ellipsiz Communications Ltd.

Posted in Corporate Governance, Directors & Officers
Where does one draw the line between personal and business? It’s a timeless question, and was also the subject at issue in Koh v Ellipsiz Communications Ltd., 2016 ONSC 7345 (Koh), decided by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice on November 28, 2016. The facts of the case are these: Ellipsiz Communications Ltd. (ECL) is… Continue Reading