ISDA has published the deemed dealer version of the Multilateral Canada Reporting Party Agreement referenced in section 25(2)(a) of OSC Rule 91-507 Trade Repositories and Derivatives Data Reporting. It is expected that there will be a different version of the Multilateral Agreement where neither counterparty is a derivatives dealer.   Under the agreement the parties agree to comply with the Canadian Transaction Reporting Party Requirements published by ISDA on April 4, 2014, as they may be replaced, amended or supplemented from time to time, which rules set out the ISDA methodology for determining which party to a derivatives transaction is the reporting counterparty for the purposes of the rule.  The adoption of the ISDA methodology is aimed at facilitating one-sided transaction reporting in circumstances where both counterparties may be subject to reporting obligations under OSC Rule 91-507 or the equivalent rules in Manitoba and Quebec.  Note that the ISDA Methodology is not available in respect of transactions between a dealer and non-dealer.