A follow up to our ground-breaking 2013 Canadian Proxy Contest Study, our 2014 Update sheds additional light on some of the issues and trends that we previously identified and raises a few new issues for further thought.  Among the highlights of last year’s Canadian market experience in proxy contests were the following:

  1. 2013 witnessed a 41% decrease in the number of proxy contests from 2012; however, the mining sector remained active.
  2. Fewer contests or not, management had little opportunity to rest easy in 2013; dissidents had their best year since 2009, succeeding in two-thirds of Board-Related Contests.
  3. Institutional shareholders weren’t the only ones able to throw their weight around in the boardroom: retail shareholders achieved striking success in 2013.
  4. Seeking a clean sweep of the boardroom became an almost universally adopted tactic in 2013 – and the tactic appeared to pay off for dissidents.
  5. The rate of settlements almost doubled in 2013; and parties settled much earlier in the process.

Read the full Canadian Proxy Contest Study – 2014 Update.